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  • Email Newsletter Design
  • Email Templates
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) 
  • Google Analytics

Email & Digital Marketing

E-mail newsletters have gained momentum in the online market. These are designed to target selective group of people who are already your customers or who have shown interest in your company products. Since these are meant for receptive sector, your campaign will not go in vain. To make your business campaigns successful, constant reminders to your customers about your product or furthering your business procedures are vital. Our email newsletter designs make these challenging tasks pleasant. We have myriad designs to serve your purpose. These newsletters serve as a medium to introduce the launch of your new product or the discount you wish to extend. These also enhance the bonding between the traders and customers.

Email marketing is an inherent part of online market as they bring more clicks and more traffic to your website. Email templates lessen your burden of sending emails to a large number of people. Apart from making your communication quick and easy, these templates increase your productivity. Our email templates are designed to target mobile users as more than half the percent of emails sent are opened on mobiles. They are highly mobile responsive and hence there is no uncertainty about the delivery of your mails. They are also time saving. Our custom templates enable you to give a personal touch to your emails. Just add contents and select the colour of your liking and start mailing your customers.

The search page that occurs in the first page of search engines is mostly referred by people. The ever increasing number of websites is a challenge in online trade. Only websites that are enriched with good SEO skills can outwit others and stand out in the crowd. SEO is the best advertising strategy that is cost-effective to hit a huge market. Better visibility, the goal of SEO involves tricky algorithms that boost your website traffic and track your ROI. We pay minute attention to design your website, marketing tools like flyers, newsletters and rich media banner ads so that your website will have better visibility. Content is the success to obtain high ranking in the search engines. To optimise your website ranking, we apply White Hat SEO practices by providing keywords, backlinking and linkbuilding to your websites.

Search Engine Marketing is the modern trend of internet marketing focused towards achieving better prominence in search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEM is to give your website better visibility in all major search engines by increasing the traffic to your website. We have intelligent algorithms for better keyword grouping. This brings more traffic to your website. Apart from bringing traffic from organic search results, SEM entices the visitors with paid search results through online advertisements. To make your internet campaign effective, we link your website to Google AdWords and PPC services to pull the interest of the visitors who will eventually become your potential customers.

Social media optimisation is an extension of SEO technique. While SEO concentrates on the technical aspects of website designing, SMO concentrates on content and in engaging the user by means of brand presentation through video, audio and in obtaining the viewers' feedbacks, posts and suggestions. SMO links potential customers connected across a wide variety of social platforms. This increase the chance of better visibility of your products and obtaining the connectivity of a large number of potential customers. Our SMO services are focused to increase your website traffic from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Of late, social media has become a powerful media where people share their thoughts and post their suggestions. Social media marketing is the right choice for any type of entrepreneur, from small scale trader to a global trader. SMM helps you build relationship with people, enhances social integration and develop your reputation. Advertisements and product presentations posted through these social media are exposed to more people as people share these among their friends, family, coworkers and employers. We provide links to advertise your brands in these prospective platforms that give you huge market presence. Get connected to the social media through the following features we provide:

  • Social buttons
  • Sharable content
  • Social login
  • Images
  • Title tags

Google Analytics is a statistical tool that helps in measuring your website traffic and to track the source sites. The site visit might have come from search engines, social media websites or blogs. Whatever be the source, Google analytics can track the visitors and generate a report on the traffic sites. Our specialised Analytics service lets you access Google Analytics Management API and Reporting API. These interfaces give a detailed report of your traffic and the source sites and let you track your ROI. This helps you focus your campaign towards the target area from where your websites get more traffic. Taking the aid of Google Analytics tool, we let you know if your campaign is successful. If not, we guide you in changing your campaigning strategy to boost your website traffic and to boost your sale.

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